Course in Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation

This evidence-based, 4-day competency course (with exam on 4th day) is lecture and laboratory based, developed in response to requests for an update on treatment and assessment of people with vestibular disorders.

Who is the course for?
The course is open to Physiotherapists who have a minimum of 3 years managing patients with vestibular disorders.

Learning Objectives
The course will emphasize the differential diagnosis of vestibular disorders and will teach advanced assessment and skills. For example, it will cover mild traumatic brain injury from cervical spine injury; differentiation of central eye movement signs and symptoms from peripheral vestibular eye movement signs and symptoms; treatment of the less common presentations of BPPV, including those in patients with complicating factors; issues of chronic anxiety, motion sensitivity and referral. It will also cover advanced exercise prescription, expectations for recovery and technological advances in vestibular rehabilitation.

Two certificates may be given in this course – one for attendance (CPD points) and one for achievement. The certificate of achievement signifies that, at the time the course was given, the student demonstrated proper performance of certain skills (based on practical exams) and understood basic information (based on the written and video exams) related to vestibular rehabilitation.

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maandag 22 juli 2024
donderdag 25 juli 2024
Royal College of Surgeons St Stephens Green
Advanced VR Course

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